3 months

My little Miss Sunshine is 3 months today!

You’re growing at a very fast rate. I had to retire two of your sleep and plays. I’m glad you still have many other options. You’re a tall girl with a possibility of having dimples. I am hoping you do. But if you don’t it’s totally okay. You are still having some stomach issues but very soon I hope they will stop.

We got your ears pierced last week. You can consider it and early 3 months present. You cried some but you’re a brave girl your crying didn’t last too long. Once you saw your crying face in the mirror, you started calming down. They are healing.

You still hate tummy time but at least you’re able to hold up your head for a longer period now. I always wait for you to fall asleep then I put you on the tummy. You have no protests then ^_^.

You’re still learning how to reach out to hold things but you have a firm grip. You are also still learning how to interact with the baby mobile your uncle made for you. I can say that you’ve started staring at some of the tings even more. Your eyes are so very curious especially in new places and around new people. You can look at them for a very long time. This becomes hard when we are trying to get a good shot of you smiling. You look at the camera so intently.
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You are calm child and even the little tantrums you used to throw when I switch sides while you are feeding haven’t happened in a while. You just wait patiently and then continue with the feeding. You still love to smile. When you get so excited, you kick your feet. Like every after you have your bath or every morning. I think you’re a morning person like me 🙂

You’re so adorable and I love you more and more everyday. I look forward to seeing more of your personality coming out. You mean the world to me. Love you always.