4 Months

Abz you’re four months today. It feels like I’ve known you longer. Well technically I have 🙂 You are such a joy in my life.

You still love smiling. I pray that smile stays your face even through the tough times. Always keep your face to the sun (Son). You face will be kept bright and your heart will be happy.

You love bath time. Your face always lights up and you kick your feet. It’s like your happy place or happy thing. Bathing is a good thing. Always remember that.

You love it when I lift you up in the air. You always laugh. And sometimes when you laugh, you get hiccups. Your laugh is like music to my ears.

Your love playing with my fingers and also yours. You put all your 10 fingers into your mouth sometimes. You look at them so critically and nothing else matters. 
Your are still learning to grab onto stuff. But your getting better at it.

You want to start sitting. When we put you in your corner, you force yourself out of the position and sit up straight. Then you lean forward but your not able to go back.

Happy 4 months Abigail. I love you.



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  1. Christine Lenia
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 01:12:13

    Too adorable.. you are an amazing momma and you have an amazingly beautiful baby. i can feel the depth of all your words from all the way over here. I wish i was there to see first hand. I have never met her and I love her already. But i have met you and I love you too… Happy 4 months Abz 🙂
    (*_*) Absolutely precious, melts my heart ❤


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