5 Months

Today you’re 5 months yay! I praise God for keeping you and bringing you this far. Never take anything for granted. Nothing happens without God’s knowledge.

You love screaming! But to you it’s just another conversation with yourself but a really loud one. Sometimes the voice comes from deep with in that it sounds like you’re scratching your throat.

You’re now sitting much better now and you are learning to control yourself. When you’re tired and you fall backwards it’s free fall 😀 The look on your face is pretty hilarious and your eyes open wide as it happens.

You reach out to grab stuff now. Mostly stuff that is edible and yes you want it to go straight to your mouth. Sorry though hun, food isn’t until next month. And even then it will be the soft kind.

You’re still a happy child and I pray you stay that way forever!!! You love to laugh when we play helicopter. You also get really quiet when I sing to you.

You sleep through the night which helps me to get some rest. Of course you wake up twice or thrice to feed and you go straight back to sleep.

I look forward to the new fun adventures we have in store for this month. I’m excited about what God’s doing in your life! I know you are too.

I love you my little miss sunshine.



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