Happy Half birthday!!

Abz (and the other readers) I’m so sorry that this post is 4 days late. But better late than never though 😉

So you made six months. Your eye sight is quite sharp and the t.v is one of your favorite things to stare at. You can get distracted from feeding or whatever when something catches your attention. Most of our efforts to get you’re attention are in vain. That picture box…nedda.

You still love making noise but when but when we step out of the house you suddenly become so quiet and you smile less. Are you shy or just scared of the unfamiliar faces? I’ll never the answer to that.

You started solid food this month. So far, you found a playful way of pushing it out of your mouth. But I’ll keep trying. Solid food is part of growing up. You’ll like it. I can’t wait for the time when you eat ice cream. Ice cream is awesome and one of the best things ever.

As you begin this next half, I am looking forward to those hilarious faces you make when you taste something new. It’s going to be a fun month.



I love you Abz…xx 🙂


Be Unforgettable

I was recently watching Tyler Perry’s “Temptations: Confessions of a marriage Counsellor”. Very interesting movie. It became a little cliche somewhere along the way and some parts made me think why would the woman stay with the side guy when he clearly had signs and symptoms of some sort of disturbance. Anyway that’s another topic all together. 

So I’m not married or even soon to be so I haven’t experienced what happens there but I want to say something that stood out from that movie. When the main character’s husband forgot her birthday her workmate tells her “You’re forgettable”. These guys had been married for six years and had know each other since they were six years old! In such a case, people tend to get comfortable with each other. By the time you get married, you’ve seen each other at your worst points. And you best points and the points in between. 

When you get married, it’s supposed to be for life. Good points, bad points and points in between included. And with this it becomes so easy to “blend in”. You become more comfortable to be who you are. Right? 

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get too comfortable. Marriage needs to keep going. Keep doing some of the things you did before you got married. Go out for date nights. Dress nice and fancy if your going to a nice and fancy restaurant. Hold each others hands while you out there. Laugh at his jokes even though you’ve had them hundreds of times before. Look into each other’s yes.

Ladies keep doing your hair, wear make up if he likes it. Bath twice a day or even more. No one ever got arrested for over bathing. Smell nice. Dress nicely even though all your going to do is stay at home all day. If he loves your nails done, do your nails. As much as you take care of your house, take care of yourself. Have “Me time” often to keep refreshing yourself but not too often that you forget about him. Love him as best as you can and love him the he wants you to. 

Gentlemen, keep a clean hair cut, shave often. Smell nice. Exercise regularly. Yes maybe your wife feeds you so well your growing around the belly region but still exercise. Don’t become too obese. Guys keep saying small things don’t matter to them, but they matter us women. Keep noticing them. When she smells nice, tell her. Try as much as you can to look at her hair. Buy her flowers and chocolate often not only on her birthday. Tell her you love her. Play like children. Hold her hand even though you’re just at the supermarket. Love her as best as you can and also love her the way she wants. 

Men and women are complicated people but above all, we love consistency keep some of the good things from your dating and courtship days alive in your marriage. Be Unforgettable 

Have a great day y’all!