The 5 habits of the gitl who won’t give up

I found these 5 habits interesting. And I think they can go both ways. Girls and guys.



Llittle 7 months old munchkin

Well Abigail,
Seven months already, you’re getting big little bug and it’s awesome. Hmm let’s see what’s been happening.
You never really liked Irish potatoes the first time you ate them. But after some days without them, you started liking them. Pumpkins were your thing. You couldn’t get enough. You don’t really like eating much but you like drinking. According to your grandmother that’s how I was as a baby. So we’ll just keep on trying with the food and also giving you lots of different juices.
Getting you to sleep lately has been quite a challenge. You seem to be more hyperactive when I put you to bed. I’m going to start looking for more options to try and slow you down before you actually go to sleep. Thankful that you still sleep well when it eventually happens,
Ah you love watching t.v. Your favorite thing is the Always advert. You get so excited and stop whatever your doing even crying and feeding just to see it. Then you love the t.v remote and my phone and the phone charger. You always reach out to catch them. I wonder what it is with you babies and phones. I guess I’ll never know.
You’re budding your first tooth. Yaaaayy! As in it’s literally piercing through your gum. I’m super excited about it. And so far you handling it pretty well. But instead of chewing on the teething soothers, you love chewing on hard plastic. It beats my understanding but at least you’re not chewing on your fingers 🙂
You’re personality is also growing. Sometimes I’m shocked by the bouts of anger I hear in your screams and we’ll need to work on that. But you’re a happy child and still a morning person. You’re sometimes so stubborn (wonder where you get that from). You know how to command for attention and how to keep. Your smile is like sunshine and it’s gorgeous and naughty sometimes. You still love music and sometimes you “sing along”.
You can’t crawl yet but when I put you on the floor, you sometimes want to reach out to pick up something. You put one knee down then your entire tummy is on the floor and then you turn around in a circle and roll over and drag yourself to what you want or where you want. I wonder how you get there.
I’m so excited about the cool mother and daughter things we are going to get to do together and I would like our first project to be ice cream 🙂 In celebration of your first tooth, my birthday and probably a half birthday celebration.
Always remember that irrespective of what happens or how you feel, God is still good.

I love you Abigail.