9 months..

Some people say you can’t exactly count 9 months until the entire month is up but I like looking at the glass as half full.

Abigail you’re getting bigger. Yes it’s expected considering that you’re a baby and babies grow. But I guess sometimes I’m still in awe of how much progress you’re making.

You clap your hands a lot. And sometimes even when you’re asleep and sometimes it’s one of the first things you do when you wake up from a nap.

Your personality is growing as well. You are a determined little lady and when you focus on doing or getting something nothing can deter you.

You love to sit by the door and look outside to watch stuff going on. Very outdoorsy of you. You also do love watching t.v even when you have no idea what’s going, you pay attention.

You’re an expert crawler and a fast one at that. It’s sometimes hard to keep up but we’ve tried to get all hazardous stuff out of the way. But you still find something not child friendly.

Your play and communication is getting better though play is characterized by very loud screams. Sometimes it’s hard to think or hear someone else talking.

You like playing and moving around a lot before bed time and this is fun when I don’t have to wake up really early the next day. But once you go out, you sleep well.

We are almost there Abz. Let’s keep praying to God to keep you and help you grow. You are an amazing person. May God keep you and bless you.

I love you little munch


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