10, 11, 12.. the big 1

The past 12 months have been a wonderful journey of growth in all aspects of life. Both in my life and your life. It’s been an exciting travel. I have grown to see you from a tiny little thing that was solely and completely dependent on me to a little curious munch and who enjoys exploring places on her own. You’ve grown to be happy child especially this week. You’ve been happy. Waking up early, playing, feeding well. 

Having you in my life has continued reinforce some of the lessons I have had in my life. I remembered that I need to be more patient with life and all especially when I feed you for 30 minutes. You always smile even when you wake up in the morning. My little morning person. You’re very animated in you conversation and you do love getting heard. I do hope you learn to listen as well. 

We still haven’t established what your favorite color is or what your favorite yogurt flavor is. But we have time for that. You love music and dancing. Gosh I guess it’s true what the muzungus say, dancing is actually our blood 😀 You also love playing with cats. You get so excited even when you’re having a dull day. The cats bring a smile to your face.

Abigail you bring light to my life, and there’s never a dull day with you. You have taught me to to love selflessly. With everything in me. Each new day is a new way to show you how I love you. I look forward to teaching you new things like how to give hugs. A hug can change the turn of a dull day. I hope and pray that the Lord will bless me with long life and that he will grant me knowledge and wisdom to raise you well. 
I love you my precious child. God bless you greatly.
Happy first birthday







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