8 months

You’re turned 8 months today. I’m still having days where I’m like “wow I’m a mom. The past months have been a mix of emotions from doubt to excitement to thrill to fear to happiness and a bunch of other things. It hasn’t been a smooth sailing road but I’m learning to be thankful in everything. Yes EVERYTHING includes even the bad 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. I must say, as you have grown, so have I. They say learning never stops and it’s true. It never does.

When it comes to solid food, your progress is still slow. Somedays you do well. Others you don’t really want to know. It’s okay considering that you drink well and like yoghurt.

A couple of weeks back, you started hitting major milestones. You stopped crawling on your belly military style and started using your knees. Some days it’s hard to keep up with you. You only settle when you want to sleep and you rest for a few minutes and are back at it again.

You’re doing well with your attempts to stand you hold on to stuff and people and stand while holding on. Your legs are strong because you do this for a good period of time.

Your second tooth is on the surface now. So exciting except when you use them to bite me then that hurts. But that’s not everyday.

Ah your screaming competition, you’re still the reigning champion in that department. I can’t match you. Maybe another baby out there can but I’ve decided to not try.

Seems you feel stuff from your mouth. Stuff still ends up in your mouth. I know it’s a phase that you’ll grow out of in a year or so but it’s something unnerving still. Especially now that you crawl. Who knows what you’ll find along the way.

You’re an outdoorsy type of girl an this is so exciting to me because of all the outside adventures we’re going to have. I’m so excited. Truth be told some of bestest things happen when you’re outside.

Your freaking out at new people has reduced greatly. You only get fidgety when you’re tired and sleepy. Which I perfectly understand. Yes it still takes a lot of hard work to get you to smile for them and the camera as well.

You’re cool words like maama. It’s not talking but we’re getting there. You don’t really direct it to anyone in particular but you seem to like saying it. Ps I love it.

I am so excited for the adventures this new month is bringing our way. It’s gonna be sweet.
You’re awesome Abigail and as perfect as can be. Always remember you are loved by me and a whole lot of other really cool people. Above all, you’re love by you’re heavenly father.


Love mama 🙂


Happy Half birthday!!

Abz (and the other readers) I’m so sorry that this post is 4 days late. But better late than never though 😉

So you made six months. Your eye sight is quite sharp and the t.v is one of your favorite things to stare at. You can get distracted from feeding or whatever when something catches your attention. Most of our efforts to get you’re attention are in vain. That picture box…nedda.

You still love making noise but when but when we step out of the house you suddenly become so quiet and you smile less. Are you shy or just scared of the unfamiliar faces? I’ll never the answer to that.

You started solid food this month. So far, you found a playful way of pushing it out of your mouth. But I’ll keep trying. Solid food is part of growing up. You’ll like it. I can’t wait for the time when you eat ice cream. Ice cream is awesome and one of the best things ever.

As you begin this next half, I am looking forward to those hilarious faces you make when you taste something new. It’s going to be a fun month.



I love you Abz…xx 🙂

5 Months

Today you’re 5 months yay! I praise God for keeping you and bringing you this far. Never take anything for granted. Nothing happens without God’s knowledge.

You love screaming! But to you it’s just another conversation with yourself but a really loud one. Sometimes the voice comes from deep with in that it sounds like you’re scratching your throat.

You’re now sitting much better now and you are learning to control yourself. When you’re tired and you fall backwards it’s free fall 😀 The look on your face is pretty hilarious and your eyes open wide as it happens.

You reach out to grab stuff now. Mostly stuff that is edible and yes you want it to go straight to your mouth. Sorry though hun, food isn’t until next month. And even then it will be the soft kind.

You’re still a happy child and I pray you stay that way forever!!! You love to laugh when we play helicopter. You also get really quiet when I sing to you.

You sleep through the night which helps me to get some rest. Of course you wake up twice or thrice to feed and you go straight back to sleep.

I look forward to the new fun adventures we have in store for this month. I’m excited about what God’s doing in your life! I know you are too.

I love you my little miss sunshine.


3 months

My little Miss Sunshine is 3 months today!

You’re growing at a very fast rate. I had to retire two of your sleep and plays. I’m glad you still have many other options. You’re a tall girl with a possibility of having dimples. I am hoping you do. But if you don’t it’s totally okay. You are still having some stomach issues but very soon I hope they will stop.

We got your ears pierced last week. You can consider it and early 3 months present. You cried some but you’re a brave girl your crying didn’t last too long. Once you saw your crying face in the mirror, you started calming down. They are healing.

You still hate tummy time but at least you’re able to hold up your head for a longer period now. I always wait for you to fall asleep then I put you on the tummy. You have no protests then ^_^.

You’re still learning how to reach out to hold things but you have a firm grip. You are also still learning how to interact with the baby mobile your uncle made for you. I can say that you’ve started staring at some of the tings even more. Your eyes are so very curious especially in new places and around new people. You can look at them for a very long time. This becomes hard when we are trying to get a good shot of you smiling. You look at the camera so intently.
1 2

You are calm child and even the little tantrums you used to throw when I switch sides while you are feeding haven’t happened in a while. You just wait patiently and then continue with the feeding. You still love to smile. When you get so excited, you kick your feet. Like every after you have your bath or every morning. I think you’re a morning person like me 🙂

You’re so adorable and I love you more and more everyday. I look forward to seeing more of your personality coming out. You mean the world to me. Love you always.