2013…2014, the year in between.

27th December, 4 days to end 2013… Ahhh it’s that time of the year that we review the year. Check off the things we wanted to do and actually did, high-five ourselves for the things we did but weren’t on the original list and frown upon ourselves for the things we didn’t do. We are going to make new years resolutions and we might follow through with a quarter of them or even all. I for one gave up making those. I never really follow through.

I remember thinking I want 2013 to be awesome. I’ll have my baby and I’ll do well. I remember thinking I can totally take this. Bring it on 2013. You won’t know what hit you 😀 Somewhere along the way, I forgot that even the best laid plans get derailed. Nothing really went according to plan. And I guess at some points I gave up because I just couldn’t fight longer or harder or whatever!

Now, 2013 had it’s good moments. The highlight being the birth of my little munchkin who is the light of my life. A child is one of life’s biggest adjustments and a hard one at that. But she brings light into my life.
I’ve made some new awesome friends. I was able to get to know some old friends better. I learnt more about myself (learning really never ends). Yes, it has had it’s awesome moments. Besides, there’s four more days to go anything can happen (I’m working on being optimistic)

Overall though 2013 has been an ish-ish year. It hasn’t really been my year. I’ve survived more than thrived. I’ve been content with just being. I’ve settled when I could be aiming higher. I’ve given up even when I know I should have tried harder. I’ve said goodbye to friends and I don’t like goodbyes.
This year has taught me that life can beat you down and bruise you but you can never officially be out. Yes maybe I’m like that one movie character that doesn’t really die. They come back from the ruins. I am found in the aftermath. I learnt that it’s okay to be loved and it’s also okay love (yes I’m still learning that lesson). I’ve been reminded that nobody is perfect and that even when I think someone is “the worst”, God loves us all the same. They have as much right as I do to be here. My eyes have been opened to different kinds of sin present in my life. That was a tough pill to swallow. But it’s easier to deal with it when you’re aware of it. 

This year has been a “bipolar” kind of year. And I’ve lived every moment. I’ve gone through each emotion and it didn’t kill me. And now, here comes 2014, a blank canvas. Another opportunity to do something new. A chance to put into practice this year’s lessons! So maybe it will be my year. Only God knows. It’s safer to put my trust in the one who knows the future. They say, do something new everyday or is it do something new everyday that scares you. They both sound right. There’s plenty of new stuff. Just know it’s going to be a good year. I guess I’m going to use different looking glasses.

Have an awesome 2014 folks. Trust the one who knowa the future.